Saturday, December 13, 2008

Evil Genius Tees enters contests

w00t!  So, no, we didn't win, but we had a ball designing for AShirtForEverything's t-shirt contest!  This contest's theme was "Hey you kids, get off my lawn!" and Bodog of RadioactiveTees, submitted this entry:

alaska and russia sarah palin, the golden years

featuring a map of Alaska and Russia with the caption "Sarah Palin, the golden years" and a speech bubble (from Alaska) saying "Hey you Reds, get off my lawn!" Funny political t-shirt for Republicans and Democrats alike, any Sarah Palin fans (or anti-Palin detractors).

For more funny t-shirts, rude college humor, and just plain weird tees, visit Radioactive Tees, today.

For Evil Genius gear, comic geek wear, and monsterous tees featuring Cthulhu, zombies, el chupacabra, the kraken, and more, buy at Evil Genius Tees.

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In the meantime, keep an eye out for us to enter more contests. Yay!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Funny t-shirts make great Christmas gifts!

Funny, irreverent, snarky Christmas / Chanukah / Kwanzaa / Festivus / Yule t-shirts right here at Evil Genius Tees:
funny christmas zombie t-shirt zombies ate santa's brain
Sorry, Virginia, zombies ate Santa's brain!  An original by Evil Genius Tees complete with red gory blood splatters and drips. Great Christmas gift for zombie lovers or funny t-shirt for fans of the walking dead. Shown on our soft, warm, snuggly hoodie and also available on holiday Christmas ornaments, christmas cards, t-shirts, long-sleeved tees, and more!
funny zombie christmas t-shirt zombie eating arm with christmas lights
Another of our zombie designs: a decomposing hungry walking corpse snacking on a dismembered human arm still clutching a colorful string of christmas lights!  Zombie Christmas! Another good xmas gift for any fan of the walking dead / undead.  Shown on our beautiful round ornaments - fine porcelain in two shapes, round and oval, sturdy, with outstanding printing quality. Also available on tees, sweats, hoodies, kid's clothes and more!
cthulhu's turn to steal christmas funny horror lovecraft t-shirt
Funny and horror mix in our newest holiday design. It was Cthulhu's turn to steal Christmas. Funny t-shirt Christmas Cthulhu design; great for H. P. Lovecraft followers, fans of the old gods, necronomicon readers, or anyone from Arkham (Miskatonic University Alumni?) Holiday rooftop, empty Santa's hat, and green tentacles disappearing down the chimney.
funy anti christmas t-shirt hate holidays grinch bah humbug!

Last but not least, our popular Bah Humbug anti-Christmas design.  Complete with broken red glass ornament it's a great gift for anyone form those who are just fed up with the crowds and the shopping to those who genuinely hate the whole holiday thing. As will all of our designs it comes on our thick, soft sweatshirts, and hoodies, our long sleeved t-shirts, plus regular tees, junior tees, women's tees (in a huge array of colors) and kid's and infant's clothes.

Please check out our newest items: black sweatshirts and hoodies, plus pink hoodies for ladies, along with the portable and easy-to-use Flip Minos mini camcorders with our own hip, unique, and unusual designs.

If you haven't gotten by yet, check out our newest specialty shops:

Cheesy Needs - Cheesy gifts for cheese lovers everywhere.
Evil Genius Comic Book Tees - T-shirts for comic book fans / comic geeks.
Evil Genius Horror Movie Tees - Scary, gory, monster-filled t-shirts for fans of the frightening.
Evil Genius Pirate Tees - ARRR! Any pirate, Caribbean or not, will love these seaworthy pirate t-shirts.

Have a GREAT and a SAFE holiday from those of us at Evil Genius Tees!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bob Barr, Libertarian, allowed to debate?

Why is the oldest and largest third party not allowed at the presidential debates?  I say let Bob Barr, our Libertarian candidate, debate Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama!

Here's Bob Barr on the subject:

I made this political t-shirt for myself:

And this Libertarian t-shirt:

End the two party regime!  Let the Libertarian candidates debate! Why just choose the lesser of two evils?  Vote Libertarian.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Arrr! It's talk like a pirate day!

Ahoy!  Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Check out Evil Genius Tees' cool new PIRATE shop, devoted to all booty that a pirate, Caribbean or not, would love!  Get something for your salty sprog or your buxom wench at our specialty pirate shop at Evil Genius Tees.

We have classic skull and crossbones (jolly roger), skull and scrossed swords, funny pirate t-shirts, maternity / pregnancy pirate tees, Kraken t-shirts, pirate ship shirts, and sailing and nautical tees.
Get Your Pirate On at Evil Genius Tees, arr! With skull and crossed swords.
Great Kraken t-shirt featuring a pirate ship like the Black Pearl and a huge tentacled monster rising from the deep.

We can customize this Pirates of Lake Norman t-shirt to say any lake, river, or beach of your choice.
I survived the Kraken and all I got was this lousy t-shirt! Funny pirate tee for fans of POTC.

Friday, September 12, 2008

First post, w00t!

Very first post for us over here and it comes with the exciting news about our two NEW shops!

For horror movie freaks, scary film watchers, gore lovers, slasher fans and more we have our new Evil Genius Tees' Horror Movie T-shirts. Zombies, deranged killers, deadly stalkers, madmen, masked villains, and more will be honored here.

For comic geeks, fans of sequential art, trade paperback readers, fanboys and anyone who loves comic books we have Evil Genius Tees' Comic Book T-shirts.  If you love superhero comics, manga, DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Top Cow, any independant / indy comic, or small press publisher then we have a comic tee for you!

These shops are brand new and will get bigger so keep checking back!

In the meantime here are a few patriotic Libertarian designs for anyone who believes in freedom and personal responsibility as the upcoming presidential election looms.  Obama or McCain?  BAH!  Vote Libertarian!

Nobama? McLame?  Neither! Both Obama and McCain parody names are crossed out! Vote Bob Barr the libertarian running for president.  Don't vote for one of the big two just because you hate him less than the other one.  Vote Libertarian, the SMART choice.

A simple, elegant design with the statue of liberty.  Vote Libertarian, vote freedom!  End the two party regime!  Vote smart!  Vote Libertarian.